Shashdarak Campus Boys

Khana-e-Noor High School No. 1 is known as Shashdarak Campus in KEN. It is the senior most school in Khana-e-Noor Schools’ Network. It has one of the most qualified staff in the country. Mr. Waheed Ullah Afghan is the School Manager (Principal) of the school. Mr. Afghan is a graduate in sociology from Kabul University and a prolific instructor of English Language. He is from the famous land of lines, i.e. Panjsher. Mr. Afghan is not only the School Manager of our senior most campus; he is also the Director of Khana-e-Noor Institute of Education and a member of our Board of Governors. He is an excellent English Instructor and bears pleasant personality. At KEN, Mr. Afghan is reckoned as one of the most patriotic and highly dynamic members.