Getting enrolled in Khana-e-Noor schools requires certain process to be completed, in the following the short guide is given for better understanding of the process:

  • School Tour
    On the first step of the admission process you will be given with school tour, briefing you about all the facilities, systems and environment the school has.
  • Entry Test
    The applicant will appear an entry test to balance his/her capabilities, if can qualify to be enrolled in school.
  • Transfer Letter
    If the applicant is already enrolled in any high school, shall meet the academic advisor to be briefed about the type of transfer letter required for his/her registration. And if the applicant is not having any previous education, the entry test result will enable him/her to be enrolled.
  • Financial Arrangements
    The applicant will visit the Accounts Office to have the Bank Deposit Slip to deposit the fee amount in particular bank.
  • Registration
    The bank payment receipt will enable the applicant to be registered and enrolled in school and also receive the required uniforms, books and stationary. BPR will be given to Admission Officer along with the copy of transfer letter for completing the registration.
  • Enrollment
    Data collected from different offices by Admission Officer along with the registration form printed, will be filled and sent to principal’s office for enrollment.
  • Issuing ID Card and User ID
    When the applicant is registered in MIS of the school by Admission Officer and title of KEN student is given to him/her, the ICT department will generate his/her User ID and issue him/her with KEN ID Card.