At KEN the curriculum has been designed in a mixture mood, where Afghanistan National Curriculum and Oxfor Curriculum are being implemented. Studying with such an academic program, students not only gain enough knowledge about their culture, religion and homeland, but will also enter the world of science and technology. A KEN is student will not be surounded only in local environment, but experiences the lessons, practices and enterns which students are doing in developed world. Here our National and Supporting Curriculum of Oxford is being drafted:

Primary Level Curriculum

 Class 1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 4th
1Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies
2Quran and TajwidQuran and TajwidQuran and TajwidQuran and Tajwid
4Life Manners Life Skills Life Skills Social Studies
5Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing
6Calligraphy Calligraphy Calligraphy Calligraphy
7Civics Civics Civics Civics
8Pashto Pashto Pashto Pashto
9English English English English
10Science Science Science Science
11Math Math Math Math
12General Knowledge General Knowledge General Knowledge Computer
13Computer Computer Computer Sport
14Sport Sport Sport

Secondary Level Curriculum

 Class 5th Class 6th Class 7th Class 8th Class 9th
1Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies
2Quran and TajwidQuran and TajwidQuran and TajwidQuran and TajwidQuran and Tajwid
4Pashto Social Studies Life Skills Pashto Pashto
5Drawing Drawing Arts English Arabic
6Calligraphy Calligraphy History Arabic English
7Civics Civics Civics Math Math
8Social Studies Pashto Pashto Science Computer
9English English English Computer Physics
10Science Science Science Physics Chemistry
11Math Math Math Biology Biology
12Social Studies OX Social Studies OX Arabic Chemistry History
13Computer Computer Computer History Geography
14Sport Sport Sport Geography Profession
15Physics Sport Civil Studies
16Chmistry Civics Arts
17Biology Science Sport
18Profession Profession Civics
19Civil Studies Civil Studies
20Geography Arts
21Household Mgmt

High School Curriculum

 Class 10th Class 11th Class 12th
S.NOSubjects Subjects Subjects
1Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies
2Interpretation Interpretation Interpretation
3Dari Dari Dari
4Pashto Pashto Pashto
5Arabic English Arabic
6English Arabic English
7Math Math & TrigonometryMath & Trigonometry
8Computer Computer Computer
9Physics Physics Physics
10Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
11Biology Biology Biology
12History History History
13Geography Geography Geography
14Geology Civil Studies Civil Studies
15Civil Studies SportSport
16Civics Civics Civics