noorullah daudzai

Dear Khana-e-Noor Students, Parents and Community!

The school is renowned for a history of excellence….a place for learning and growth, where students on all ages and levels are encouraged to learn, to challenge the ordinary and to excel. The board of governors, faculty and staff welcome you to you dream point of learning and experience.
KEN is an exciting, creative, challenging place to learn. Students are encouraged to the best that they can be. With contribution of the parents and students in academics, arts, activities, social scenes and sports KEN will be an even more rewarding place for all.

Along with our academic programs and calendar we emphasize the vital role of demonstrating excellence character, leadership and being social, and service, qualities that are required of all who wish to be successful students and good citizens in our society.
Our extensive menu of extracurricular activities, both academic and recreational, is unsurpassed. Our entire staff is committed to establishing a school environment that allows our students to flourish and to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

As a team we constantly strive to achieve the very best for you and your child to create successful and happy children. Education is a partnership between home and school and we place a great deal of emphasis on our relationship with parents. We believe that children learn best when home and school work together for their benefit. Our website will be updated regularly so as to provide visitors to it with updated notices and bulletins and other news on a variety of subjects.